Clinical Supervision and Consultation

I am credentialed as an Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) through the Center for Credentialing and Education, a division of the National Board for Certified Counselors, and have been providing clinical supervision to master's level counselors and post-master's/pre-licensed counselors since 2005.  In addition to the ACS designation, I am approved to provide clinical supervision in Virgina and North Carolina.

If you are seeking clinical supervision toward licensure, I invite you to contact me so that we can discuss mutual expectations for this kind of relationship.  As you are considering who to work with, I do want you to know that there are a few things you should know about me that are "non-negotiables" :

  • As your Clinical Supervisor, I must have access to your client records.  I am willing to come to your workplace to access them, but I must be granted access in order to evaluate your documentation skills.
  • Your client disclosure form must list me as your supervisor, and your clients must be informed that I have access to their records.
  • You must be able to video tape or audio tape sessions at your workplace.
Ideally, I would like to meet with the Administrative Supervisor at your workplace to ensure that everyone is working together and on the same page regarding your development as a licensed clinician.

I am available for consultation with other helping professionals regarding client topics and professional development issues with which I am most familiar.  I am also aware that even counselors need counseling sometimes!  If you find yourself in need of being able to talk with someone without running into your friends and associates from your different professional settings, consider giving me a call at 757-705-3323, or sending me an email at [email protected] .

Helpful Forms

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